Good morning.

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Tonight, one of Emilys friends told me that I look “different.” Like theres something about my face that isn’t the same from the other faces she’s seen. She’s never seen a face like mine before.
I thought that was nice.

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kadoozled: do you know what those symbols on that girl's fingers mean?

Not necessarily in order* They mean Sulfur (Alchemical),Athame,Lunar,Papal Cross etc. I don’t know the other 4 though. :(

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When I was 14

Things were so much more easier. And I had a considerable amount of friends, and there was never a boring day. 
Now, I’m old with a lot of responsibilities and everything just feels so hectic. 

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When we were young.

Love letters were the ties that blinded
us with the blistering power of heat,
of yearning desire, and love was strong.

Now they are the quivering lost pages
we all tie to our youthful past.
They are the devoted words we now, today, re-read
anew and recall at…

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My therapist said I should tell you we

should start seeing other people. I didn’t

but these other people she mentioned

started popping up in coffee shops,

diners, between the tracks of the streetcar

while I ran and I ran around

Audubon Park like it was a wedding ring

at a…

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My mom just told me that she didn’t want to see me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m on my period, or I’m actually really hurt by it. But I cried when she told me that. 
Can’t depend on anyone to want me around. 

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You have witchcraft in your lips.
― William Shakespeare (via 13thmoon)

(Source: vampire-renee)

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One day I’m going to post a topless photo of me on my blog

One day
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe next month
But soon. 

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